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We provide a simple way to insure your Jewellery and Collectables at home and elsewhere. 
Our individually rated policies are available either as part of an overall household policy or in isolation. Suitable for individual items or for a whole collection, the policy offers you cover on an agreed value basis for specified items.
Cover costs from as little as £95 per year
(Inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax & £30 Administration Fee)
Cover is only available to UK residents

Protection for What’s Precious to You

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Wedding & Engagement Rings
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Jewellery Collections

Quality, Versatile & Affordable Insurance

Connoisseur Insurance offers a flexible way of arranging high quality insurance cover to protect what’s important and valuable to you. Purchase cover for an engagement or wedding ring or a jewellery collection. 
Upgraded the policy at a later date to cover home contents, art, antiques and other collectables.

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About Connoisseur Policies

Anthony Wakefield & Co, the company behind Connoisseur Polices have been insuring valuables, fine art, antiques, and collectables for more that 30 years, as well as providing household and general insurance. They have established a reputation for understanding customers needs.

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Would you like to know the value of your jewellery or collectables?

If you would like to know how much you should insure your valuables for or just wish to know how much each item is worth.

Prestige Valuations offer an online valuation service for £45 per item.

See the Prestige Valuations website for full details.